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Ribs, Rubs, And Sauce: Choosing The Right BBQ Restaurant

All barbecue is not the same. Ask any passionate fan of BBQ and they will be able to discuss the nuances as to why their favorite style is supreme. Perhaps they are a fan of the Texas style dry rub, or maybe they prefer a sweet molasses sauce. Maybe they are proponents of beef barbecue over pork. And then there is the whole question of sides and bread. So, if you've new to the barbecue scene and want to make sure you choose a restaurant that you'll enjoy, then this brief primer is for you. It will cover some of the more popular styles and also what you're likely to see served with it.

Dry Rubs vs Sauces

The most basic thing to understand is that not all barbecue is a sweet red sauce. That's only a certain regional style. It has gained nationwide popularity due to the ubiquitous "BBQ Sauce" that is sold in every supermarket by a variety of brands. However, if you were to go to a Texas style BBQ joint, you'd not see that on the plate. In Texas, they use a dry rub and the ribs are not smothered in sauce. Likewise, if you visited a South Carolina style restaurant, it would be a mustard style sauce, not the molasses and tomato variety. There are other styles as well, ones that are more vinegar based and even a white mayo (Alabama) style.

Ribs VS Everything Else Some places serve BBQ ribs (be it a dry rub ala Texas or a sweet molasses sauce) but then there are other offerings. In North and South Carolina, for instance, you have pulled pork. These states are famous for cooking the entire hog, not just the ribs. Then there is the Kentucky style, where you will find mutton and chicken, in addition to pork and beef. Granted, the two most popular meats are going to be beef and chicken.


This is where you will see restaurants shine. Some places, such as Texan style restaurants, will serve pickles, onions, and sliced white bread.  In a spot serving Carolina style BBQ, you're almost always going to see coleslaw served up. And if you see Memphis style BBQ on the menu, then you're also going to likely see mac and cheese as well as cornbread. Granted, these are going to often times be mixed and cross served. Many good restaurants will offer cornbread alongside collard greens or baked beans.

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