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A Few Suggestions On How To Pair Meat And Freshly Baked Bread

Bread and meat are the crucial components of the quintessential American meal.

However, if you're new to cooking, picking the perfect bread to compliment the meat of the dish you have planned can be a little daunting. This is especially true if you're trying to "roll your own" meal instead of cooking from an established recipe. But, pairing meat and bread need not be difficult.

Generally, match bread and meat as follows:

  • Crunchy bread goes with softer, white meats.
  • Dark bread works better with dark meats.
  • Dense and doughy bread is perfected for processed meat.
  • Sweet white bread tastes good with everything.

The last one on the list is especially important, especially if you're on your way to the bakery right now. When in doubt, go with sweet and white.

What follows now is a more detailed description of what's listed above.


A French staple, baguettes are the iconic "crunchy bread."  They tend to come in long, slender loaves that have a very crispy outer crust. Traditionally, this bread has been paired with soft foods that add lots of flavor, like various cheeses and olive oil.

Baguettes pair best with meats that are lighter in color and softer in texture to offset the bread's crunch. Chicken pairs well with it, as does ham. Baguettes are also great for soft fish and shellfish, like anchovies, lox, or muscles.

Rye  Bread

Rye bread is rich and full-bodied with a slightly tangy taste. It's this tanginess that allows rye bread to pair so well with pickled foods. The most famous example is the Rueben sandwich, which pairs rye bread with corned beef, pickled cabbage, and thousand island dressing.

You'll do well to use rye bread for dark meats. It adds a welcome complement to almost any beef dish. Additionally, you could also pair rye bread with lamb, especially if you're serving mint jelly, which creates a sweet and sour effect with the rye bread's natural tanginess.


The texture of focaccia bread is very similar to dressings that are served each year at thanksgiving. This bread absorbs flavors very well, which makes it perfect for smorgasbord meals and traditional pizza bread.

Thus, focaccia pairs well with any sweet and spicy, processed meats that make great pizza toppings. Nearly any sausage, including pepperoni, tastes divine on a focaccia slice. Bacon is also superb with it.

Artisanal Sweet Breads

Buttery sweetbreads go well with almost any kind of meat. Hamburgers are divine on a brioche bun. Ham is delicious on sweet Hawaiian bread sliders.

For more information, head to a local bakery.