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2 Noises Indicating That Your Restaurant's Refrigerator Needs Immediate Repairs

When your restaurant's refrigerator is running correctly and keeping the food cold, you usually do not hear any sounds except for a low hum while the compressor is on. Even if you hear an occasional click, you should not be too concerned.

However, if you start hearing any constant, loud, unusual noises, there may be something seriously wrong with the appliance that could cause it to break down. Below are a couple of concerning noises that indicate there is a serious issue with the refrigerator that requires immediate repairs before it fails completely and leaves you without this vital appliance for your restaurant's kitchen.

1. Clanking Noises May Indicate That the Compressor Is Breaking Down Or Has Become Loose

One sound that should alert you to the need to have your restaurant's refrigerator looked at as soon as possible by a professional repair technician is a clanking noise. When you hear these noises, this typically means that the compressor is starting to break down and needs to be replaced.

The noises could also mean that the compressor has come loose, and the vibrations are creating the sound as it bangs against adjacent parts. Even if the compressor is only loose, if you ignore it, the constant vibrations could cause irreparable damage to the part.

2. Clicking Sound May Mean the Condenser Fan or Motor Is About to Fail

Another noise that should concern you if you hear it coming from the refrigerator constantly is a clicking sound. When you first start hearing this noise, it will be faint but will grow louder as the problem gets worse.

When you do hear this noise, it is usually caused by a failing condenser fan or motor, and if either of these components breaks down, your refrigerator will not be able to keep the food cold. As soon as you hear a clicking, you should have an appliance repair professional inspect them to see if they need to be replaced.

If your restaurant's refrigerator is making any noises other than the normal low humming sound when it runs, it could be in danger of breaking down and leaving you with spoiled food and wasted money. A clanking noise usually indicates a problem with the compressor, while a clicking sound means that either the condenser fan or motor is about to fail. Before the refrigerator breaks down completely, contact a business that offers restaurant appliance repairs to schedule a service call as soon as possible.