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5 Ways A Brunch Wedding Could Make Your Big Day Perfect

A brunch wedding is an excellent way to save money and create a unique event that you and your guests will remember forever. It does have a few unique challenges, of course. But a morning wedding turns a stressful and long day for most couples into a fun time with a relaxed and romantic vibe. 

Here are a few ways a brunch wedding differs from a traditionally timed wedding. 

Brunch Party. 

A daytime wedding reception is nearly always a less-wild affair than a nighttime party. If you want a more sedate gathering where you can talk more and worry about your drunk uncle less, this is the party for you. You can, of course, have dancing and all the normal traditions of a reception, but it's not likely to get out of hand at 11:00 in the morning. 

Brunch Cake. 

Not into the traditional wedding cake flavors and styles? Then a brunch reception allows you to choose something different without incurring your guests' wrath. Morning and mid-day cakes, like morning drinks, should be lighter and simpler because of the unusual time of day. You may want to opt for a sponge cake, coffee cake, or even crepe cakes. Talk with your caterer about ways your cake can reflect the morning theme. 

Brunch Attire. 

Few people are expecting to dress in their finest formal wear first thing in the morning, so brunch weddings are generally more casual and comfortable. Guests can enjoy more relaxed attire, and the bridal couple doesn't need to stress about making everything glitzy and perfect. 

Brunch Food. 

If you're not a big fan of the boring "chicken or fish" wedding food at most receptions, you have an entire world opened up to you if you choose to have a brunch wedding. Daytime weddings feature daytime foods, like breakfast bars, waffles, quiche, yogurt, fruits, and croissants. You can have fun and serve a cereal bar or make a doughnut "cake" tower. A morning wedding comes with few preconceived ideas and expectations about the catering menu.

Brunch Drinks. 

Along with a different set of meal options, brunch offers a different set of beverage choices. Create a coffee bar (with or without alcohol options), or serve espresso. Prepare a variety of specialty juices to go with everyone's breakfast. And don't forget the midday cocktails — things like mimosas, bloody Marys, Bellinis, or sangria. These drinks tend to be lighter in alcohol, fruitier, and easier on the wallet. 

Does a brunch wedding sound like your cup of tea? It's a chance to really create your own more relaxed and personalized wedding day and have fun with a unique theme. And what couple doesn't want that? Contact a company that offers wedding catering services for more ideas.