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Creating A Special Holiday Meal For Family For years, I really struggled to get my family together, so when we were all in the same place for the holidays, I realized that I wanted to have a nice family dinner. I talked with everyone about what they wanted to bring, and then I decided to make a really special entree for everyone. I made my grandmother's roasted chicken and potatoes, and they all loved the approach to a family meal. I know how much food can bring people together, so I've made this blog all about holiday food and cooking. Read on to discover great tips about making the holidays fun with the right meals.



Choose Some Interesting Serving Methods For A Catered Event

If you are hiring a catering crew to prepare grilled steaks, fresh salads, and baked potatoes at your company's annual dinner party, choose some interesting serving methods to impress your employees and their immediate family members. Share the serving ideas with the head caterer so that your directives can be implemented on the day of the informal gathering.

Use Chef Stations For Demonstrative Purposes

If the catering crew has access to a portable preparation and grilling station, think how intriguing it will be for your guests to be able to observe as their steaks are grilled to order. 

If the head caterer and their crew doesn't mind being put on the spot and they are willing to let everyone in on how meat dishes are prepared, your invitees can observe the preparation and grilling steps and may learn a thing or two as the catering crew announces what type of spice rub and cooking temperature that they are using and the garnishes that are added to each grilled piece of meat. 

Add A Salad Bar That Contains An Array Of Items

A salad bar that is set up in the central part of the dining area will make it convenient for your guests to access it from each side of the room. Feature seafood, vegetables, fruits, various salad dressings, and nut or candy toppings that can be sprinkled on top of greens.

If the caterer is providing all of the dinnerware that will be used during the meal, request separate salad bowls so that your guests can prepare their salads separately from the main courses. Another option is to choose disposable bowls. This will allow your guests to retrieve a new bowl each time they would like to get some more items from the salad bar, and tables won't become cluttered with dirty dinnerware since used bowls can be tossed into the trash. 

Plan A Baked Potato Buffet

Baked potatoes pair well with steaks and salads and many people look forward to eating hearty potatoes that have been garnished with a variety of ingredients. Request that a baked potato buffet is added to the menu and include butter, sour cream, chives, bacon pieces, and diced tomatoes as some of the garnishes that your guests can choose from.

Coordinate the serving time for the potatoes so that it corresponds to the time that steaks will begin to be prepared so that everyone is supplied with a complete meal when it is time to sit down at the tables.