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Creating A Special Holiday Meal For Family For years, I really struggled to get my family together, so when we were all in the same place for the holidays, I realized that I wanted to have a nice family dinner. I talked with everyone about what they wanted to bring, and then I decided to make a really special entree for everyone. I made my grandmother's roasted chicken and potatoes, and they all loved the approach to a family meal. I know how much food can bring people together, so I've made this blog all about holiday food and cooking. Read on to discover great tips about making the holidays fun with the right meals.



Tips For Enjoying Your Family's First Chinese Restaurant Experience

If your family lives in a very rural area without any Chinese restaurants, then visiting one for the first time is a great way to share a dinner next time you visit a larger city. If you aren't sure how to have a successful first visit, then these tips will help:

Tip: Choose a Buffet for Maximum Variety

Since there are multiple people eating and no one has ever been to a Chinese restaurant before, you might want to consider going to a buffet-style restaurant. A Chinese buffet allows everyone in your family to choose their own selections, and it also allows you to sample as many of the different foods as you want. 

If you don't want to go to a buffet, you can always order multiple dishes and have them served "family style" at your table. This also gives everyone more variety and can be a great option for families with young children or picky eaters.

Tip: Follow Asian Customs for Chopstick Usage

When visiting a Chinese restaurant here in the United States, you are always welcome to eat with either chopsticks or the more familiar fork, spoon, and knife combination. However, if you choose to use chopsticks, it's expected you will use them correctly. For example, chopsticks are:

  • not toys or drumsticks
  • not something to use to stab food
  • not a pointing stick

These actions are considered to be rude and disrespectful in Asian culture because chopsticks are respected and meant only for handling food and eating.

Tip: Ensure All Family Members Understand Basic Customs

Chinese restaurants typically follow basic Asian customs, and it is important everyone in your family is aware of them. For example, you should always eat all of your rice, but leave a small bit of meat or vegetable behind on your plate. This shows your host you enjoyed the meal and are too full to possibly eat another bite. 

If you are having a family-style dinner at your table, then always serve the eldest person in your dining party first as a show of respect.

If your family is visiting the Chinese restaurant for a special event and someone is giving a toast, make sure you hold your glass below those who are older than you. This is also a subtle way to show respect for one's elders.

Finally, it is never okay to sit in a position where anyone else in the restaurant can see the bottom of your shoe. Sitting in a manner where another diner sees the bottom of your shoe is considered dirty and disrespectful.

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